Anika Walker
Creative Director + Head Stylist

For over 20 years, I have worked as a creative director and stylist in Australia.

In more recent years, my passion for interiors has also seen me take on renovating homes.

I was born & bred in Melbourne & was working in Sportsgirl as a Summer casual by the age of 14yrs + 9 months (legal working age!). As a teenager, I dabbled in modelling, I quickly knew I was on the wrong side of the camera. I was unsure of what I wanted to be, but knew it had to be something creative. By age 17 I started my degree, and studied Fine Art, majoring in Sculpture at Victorian College of the Arts. Once I graduated, I travelled then started to explore the world of personal styling & fashion styling.

I got married when I was 28 to the gorgeous guy, David, that I fell madly in love with on my 20th birthday. By 30, we were expecting our 1st babe. At this time, we also decided to pack up and rediscover my husband’s family roots on the family organic almond farm, in Nangiloc, Mildura, VIC. We committed for 5 years away and well, we’re still here 11 years on. Living regionally was a lifetime dream of mine, so it's no surprise we're still here living our best lives. 

Over the past eleven years we were blessed with three kiddos, making our family complete.

My time in Mildura has seen me commute (pre Covid!!) regularly to Melbourne to manage my styling work whilst also finding work opportunities in Mildura. I'm the fashion editor at Mildura Living Magazine a role I've had since 2014, along with producing/styling City Heart Mildura runway and fashion events.

In 2019 I launched an online personal style platform Style Squad giving women access to styling advice in an approachable and relatable way.

Flipping houses came about in 2020 (thanks Covid for the kick up the butt to fulfil dreams) We purchased our first flip house in Nov 2020 and six months later, successfully sold. Our 2nd flip house is due to begin ASAP.

I find myself enjoying sourcing homewares & furniture as much as finding the perfect jeans or blazer. Going forward, my business is no longer just about fashion, it’s something more fluid and customisable encompassing my love of finding style for personal & home.

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